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Why obtain the services and equipment you need from W.A. Smith? The answer is simple: by working with the best provider, you obtain the best results. W.A. Smith, Inc. offers the best service, years of experience in HVAC mechanical contracting, and highly qualified people. In addition, we can also point to certain key competitive advantages that make us the right choice for your company or your home. Together, they translate into powerful partnership options for you.
An Easy management and Communication Interface
Facility owners and managers do not want project management and installation  personnel that are difficult to reach or communicate with. Many of them may resist working with contractors they are not familiar with. As a result, W.A. Smith is an organization that provides an easy, communication interface-one thats' truly "owner-friendly."

True Team Collaboration for An Effective Installation
Complex HVAC system repairs and upgrades almost always require contributions from several different providers and trades.   When the deadlines are short, you have to manage the work properly just to get it finished on time.  That is the strength of W.A. Smith, Inc.

Integration with Facility and Contractor Personnel
W.A. Smith prides itself on communicating the intent, needs and reponsibilities with all personnel associated with a project.  As soon as approval to proceed is authorized, we go to work to assure an efficient and cooperative on-site work enviroment.

Proven Industry Expertise
Providing expert HVAC and mechanical services is only part of what W.A. Smith does.  We also provide the expertise to help improve overall facility operation.  Because our approach to facility operations is based on proven industry standards, it will result in more effective and efficient project completions for our customers. The life of your equipment and the energy savings of your company or home depend on proper control and service of your systems. That is where W.A.Smith provides expertise to satisfy your facility needs.

Scalable Project Development
W.A. Smith applies an approach to business that is scalable, from the small project needing considerations for future expansion, to the large project that needs to be completed in small phases.  We can help develop a project solution to fit your needs and budget, and not lose focus on the overall intent and expected results.

W.A. Smith Inc.
P.O. Box 240745
Charlotte, NC 28224
Phone: 704-373-9733
Fax: 704-373-1852