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W.A. Smith, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1984, in the state of North Carolina, to provide HVAC and mechanical contracting services for the commercial and industrial markets in the Charlotte, NC area.

One early area of expertise for W.A. Smith was that of focusing on complex environmental mechanical systems: installing new equipment and systems, performing repairs, and developing preventive maintenance and service programs for facility owners. Additionally, W.A. Smith refined the process of providing cost effective fabricated sheet metal components and duct work for commercial installations, restructured the process of working directly with contracting firms in providing engineered sheet metal systems, and skillfully created a viable and unique market for the company's offerings.  This wealth of expertise and customer satisfaction led to the company's first major expansion.  From the small 300 square foot shop in the city's south end that had been its home since 1985, W.A. Smith moved to open the doors at a new 6,000 square foot facility in 1988 to house the company's expanding contracting and service business, and serve the company's expanding sheet metal fabrication market.

In 1996, W. A. Smith again saw the need to seek larger facilities to meet the demand for the company's products and services.  Still located in the city's south end, the much-expanded company now owns and occupies a 24,000 square foot office and fabrication facility.  The overwhelmingly positive market for W.A. Smith's products and services is a  testament to all of the company's 30 plus dedicated, full time employees.

The newest addition to W.A. Smith is the residential service and replacement department. This department was added to allow the homeowner to take advantage of the same high quality of service and experience provided to the commercial and industrial customer. An important part of the addition is the ability of the customer to use Visa and Master Card payment services on the secure on-line service request site provided by W.A. Smith. This gives the homeowner the fast, comfortable, and user friendly access for direct communications to the W.A. Smith service department in order to achieve quick response to their service needs and questions.

Since 1996, W.A. Smith, Inc. has expanded the business and added capabilities to engineer and install energy management systems, offer HVAC consulting and design-build services, and provide professional services and service sales capabilities to satisfy the HVAC service needs of building owners and managers.

W.A. Smith has become recognized as one of the most trusted and skilled mechanical contractors and HVAC service providers in the Charlotte area, and sets the standard for industry expertise in terms of quality and services.

W.A. Smith Inc.
P.O. Box 240745
Charlotte, NC 28224
Phone: 704-373-9733
Fax: 704-373-1852