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Welcome to our FAQ Page!
Here is where you can find answers to the most common questions asked by our customers! If you cannot find question you are looking for, click the search button!
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Q: How often should I change my filters?

A: Filter change schedules are different for each home or business. Typical changes are no less than every three months.Check your filter each month until it needs to be changed and fix your schedule based on the first two required changes that you do.Generally the more often you change, the cleaner your area will be. Order your filters on our website and we will set a routine e-mail schedule to remind you to change them.
Q: Do allergy relief filters really work?

A: Yes they do. For an allergy relief filter to work it's best you should verify that all of your ducts are sealed properly and equipment panels are tight to eliminate unfiltered air entering your system. All indoor coils and ducts should be cleaned if not already done to be rid of as much mold , mildew, and other undesirables as possible before installing your filter. See our website on line order area for the right filter for you. Contact our office for info if needed.


Q: Why is it hot on the upper level of my home but comfortable on the lower level.

A: Most homes have only one A/C system to serve both levels. This will require seasonal air balance of your home to send most of your air to the upper level in the summer cooling season and then change to send most of your air to the lower level in the heating season. The best way to resolve this problem is to add an electronic zone system on your duct to overcome seasonal air balance problems. An air balance can be done to minimize the problem as much as possible if dampers are already installed on your duct. If not, they will have to be added.This will help without adding the zone system but will not completely resolve it.The best resolution is the addition of the zone system. Call our service department to schedule an air balance or get more info on the zone system.
Q: What are your hourly rates for duct or service repairs?

A: As a standard practice, homeowners are given up front pricing and not billed on an hourly basis. This means that the price to perform any certain task has all associated labor charges and material charges included. No extra amount will be charged for staying on the property longer than aticipated by the technician
Q: Should my air conditioning system run continuously?

A: Properly designed systems can run continuously on a 95 degree day or above. This is done to continue the removal of humidity in the building and maintain as much temperature comfort as possible. Cost is less to continue running the system than to short cycle it off and on too much. If it doesn't run long enough, most commonly due to oversizing, humidity levels could reach undesirably high levels which could eventually cause mold and mildew problems along with structural damage especially in wood structures. If you suspect problems with oversized or undersized equipment, have a heat load check done on your building. Our office will be happy to assist you with this problem.

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